Ailt Website Capture Pro 3.4: Professional website and webpage screenshot capture tool.

Ailt Website Capture Pro 3.4

webpage will be captured and stored in the folder you selected. Advance Features: Schedule capture jobs. Supports analysis extract all internal and external links from a web address(URL) and capture each webpage into single image. New! Supports custom webpage link depth when extracting links. New! Supports skip external links when analyzing a webpage. New! Capture full size screenshot of any web page. Take a snapshot of a whole webpage into one image

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Trellian Webpage WebPAGE brings together your text and images using a simple WYSIWYG interface

Trellian Webpage

WebPAGE allows you to create your own web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages. WebPAGE`s WYSIWYG interface makes editing pages as easy as using your favorite word processor. Web masters and other advanced users can hand code HTML using the built in color Hi-lighted source editor, while HTML wizards are available to make web design faster & easier. WebPAGE makes editing HTML a breeze. It doesn`t matter if you are completely new

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#1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software 5.09: Search Engine submission software offers unlimited webpage URL submissions

#1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software 5.09

webpage links, and creates a text url/webpage link map file which you save to your website with the .xml extension. This file is compatible with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Search Engine Spiders which read sitemaps. EZHTML Tutor - This informative easy to use tutorial is an 18 Chapter Course on HTML Webpage Design and Creation. Beginners find this tutorial very useful in learning HTML programming and webpage design thru simple coding examples in

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Koala Edit Free Webpage Editor 7.5.1: Edit your webpages in visual and code-based modes with this Web and HTML editor.

Koala Edit Free Webpage Editor 7.5.1

Edit your webpages in visual and code-based modes with this free program. Koala Edit is your brilliantly simple webpage and file editing solution, with just the right selection of commonly used functions without the clutter. Features include dual-mode visual (WYSIWYG) and code based editing, HTML syntax colour coding, a comprehensive 12-chapter HTML webpage creation tutorial for beginners and more.

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Password Login 5.8.1: Webpage Password Protection Software

Password Login 5.8.1

webpage for lost login information or other uses. Instantly check the accuracy of your linked URL addresses. This can save you time and effort! Copy, print, or save your user List to disk for quick reference and easy reload. You can link to a webpage, image, PDF, EXE, ZIP file download, and more. Open a linked webpage file in the same page, an IFrame or Frame. You can also open a linked webpage file in a new window. You can protect your Username

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Webpage Captor Pro 1.2: Capture a snapshot of complete webpage as image in batch, convert html to image

Webpage Captor Pro 1.2

Webpage Captor Pro is powerful, lightweight windows program that helps you to takes snapshot of the complete webpage as image in batch. you can capture full webpages automatic , you can also convert MHTML,HTML and text file to images. if you want to fast batch convert many webpage to images, it`s what you need. It Support for most popular formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PNG. The Version 1.2 Improve Capture Speed and fixed a few bugs. for more

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WebGate 3.7: Internet paging gateway that allows for email/web messages to be sent to pagers

WebGate 3.7

webpage interface individual webpages can be automatically created for each of your company`s employees. Group webpages and webpages with drop-down lists can also be automatically created and maintained by WebGate. WebGate`s email interface is capable of using several different methods to relay messages to you wireless messaging devices. For each recipient (pager, mobile phone, etc.) WebGate can collect email messages from one or more existing email

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Ailt Website Capture Pro Command Line 2.0: Batch create website,html,html screenshots with command line.

Ailt Website Capture Pro Command Line 2.0

webpage at the same time. With it, you can batch capture screenshots of website URL, HTM, HTML webpages, Internet Shortcut into Image with command line. Ailt Website Capture Pro Command Line can capture screenshots of website URL, HTM, HTML webpages into JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, JP2, J2K, PCX. Advance Features: Capture full size screenshot of any web page. Take a snapshot of a whole webpage into one image without scrollbars.

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Webpage Capture 2.1: Webpage capture takes a snapshot of a complete webpage as image instead of HTML

Webpage Capture 2.1

Another Cool product by Webpage capture takes a snapshot of a complete webpage as image instead of HTML. This is useful for keeping track of pages visited and for storing information for later use. Webpage capture makes an image of the Browser`s content page. Works as an Add-on to Internet Explorer 6 or 7 and easily accessible from the browser`s toolbar. This Add-on will save you a lot of time by making it easy to store content.

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Webpage Thumbnailer 1.7: Convert HTML files to image, generate screenshots/thumbnails of websites.

Webpage Thumbnailer 1.7

Webpage Thumbnailer is a windows software that helps you convert MHTML and HTML files to images, make full size screenshots of websites, create thumbnails of webpages from their URLs easily and quickly. It captures the whole web page’s content into JPG(jpeg), PNG, BMP(bitmap), GIF or TIF(tiff) image on the fly. It can generate thousands of web pages thumbnail / screenshots images in a multi threaded batch mode without your intervention.

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